The recent discussion on this post shows out a heated recent voice race in high-tech industry: The iphone 4S Siri is launched as the best new feature of the new product, which attracts hundreds of Apple fans go for it. Meanwhile, on the other hand, it also arises a heat discussion among those Android fans: whether the dominant Google (Android) voice will be replaced by the new Siri; whether the innovation from Google will easily be beat off just within one year; and will the mature well-rounded Google Service lines ( which we mentioned in our case) be affected and finally occupied by Apple? 

Before addressing this tough problem in the newspaper, we can first refer to the below interesting video for some basic ideas about the difference of the two system:

Apparently, Iphone Siri is showing its great advantage over the Android Voice. It is better than Android Voice mainly in three aspects: –

1. conversational: The biggest difference between Siri and Android Voice is that Siri behaves more humanely and is more often used as an entertainment system. Apple developers equipped her with some measure of pop culture knowledge and a 21st century sense of humor. And sometimes, the same question, asked twice, will even give you different answers. This funny conversational aspect is far more interesting than the stubborn google voice.

2. speaking-friendly:  Comparing these two speech engine, we could easily find that iphone Siri is more sensitive to people’s talk. It usually spends less time than Android to distinguish the contents of the speakers. The short interval between the communications makes the system more speaking-friendly. And here is a very good example of this point.

3. various service: Another apparent difference of Siri is its variety of service. Further to the video above, we could easily tell that Siri covers more area of service than the simple search engine of google. Siri can mainly do below several things (right pic):-
– play music
– text
– set up schedule
– remind appointment
– GPS system
– email
– create notes
– set alarm
– get homework answer

But does this mean that Siri completely beat off Google voice or google is replaced by Siri?

Definitely no. In fact, Siri sometimes has to rely on Google search engine.

When you are testing the limit of Siri, you could always notice these situation:



Siri does always turn to google search engine (example 1) when questions are asked out of its scope. What’s more, when showing googled results (example 2), Siri usually presents simpler and less helpful answers than those authentic google Android. The unavoid reliance on Google and its less informative result shown from the research show the fact that Siri is somewhat a kind of product develops from Google Android and definitely cannot replace the platform used for practice.

In this regards, different from the points on the newspaper, considering the two different sides of the problems, I think the battle between Iphone Siri and Google Android Voice is not a simple win-fail issue — Actually, google voice and Siri do both exist in the market for distinguished advantages and different market segments / purposes: Siri is famous for its personalized intimacy with users, while Google voice is well-known with its professional searching system.

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