The world technology is developing incredibly fast… Just after the launch of Iphone 4S, during the long holiday, HTC posts a new product ( HTC idea 2S) pic on their inofficial website :  

Certainly, this so-called idea HTC somehow shows HTC’s attitude towards Iphone 4S. Not sure whether this is just a rumor or truth. However, the function listed in this new product lets us realize that the flat world has come to a new “Innovation Age”. Technology has developed so incredibly fast that everything nowadays can be combined together for communications with technology.

Let’s  see the function list of this new product (hope my translation works):-

  • Beats Audio, applicable for any kinds of entertainment
  • 4.7 inches, 1600*960, 3D screen
  • Android 4.0 + windows
  • 2.8GHz Quad processor,  2GB RAM, 64GB
  • 16 million pixels  
  • 2800mAH, with batery exchanger from human heat to electricity
  • inner Icloud system
  • support NFC
  • cheaper than iphone

The above function is amazing! Even better than an average PC….Is that still a cell phone????

Iphone 4S connects voice information to the IT world; HTC now could exchange body signals/language/heat to the IT language. And both are almost as smart as PCs. 

Then, what will be the next smart phone?? What will smart phones develop in the future? Let’s wait and see this exciting high-tech industry.